What are laminate floors?

If you are looking to give your home a fresh look with a budget, laminate flooring is a great option as they are synthetically made. It is different than hardwood floors because they are man-made and are not natural.

Things to consider


What is your lifestyle?

If you have a busy lifestyle and your home is full of children and pets, laminate flooring is something to consider. Laminate floors are very durable, and is a good option when you don’t want to worry about the stress of ruining, denting or staining your floors.


What is your budget?

When you are creating a budget for your new floors, laminate flooring is an affordable option.


What style do you want?

Laminate flooring does not just have to look like wood. You can also style it to look like stone and tile, or any style you want.


What is your timeline?

Hardwood flooring can take 3-6 weeks to get acclimated to a new environment whereas laminate flooring usually takes 36 hours. Another thing to consider is that it is not as laborious as installing hardwood floors, and can be easily installed. It is the easiest and fastest flooring installation process.