Custom Area Rugs

When considering a custom area rug for your home, there are many things to consider. There are many different style rugs to choose from that we provide for our clients: traditional, contemporary, and casual.


Area Rug Styles



Traditional style rugs are unique as they stand out with a Persian flare. There are intricate floral designs and elaborate patterns. These rugs also have beautiful borders, which make the rug stand out much more.



Contemporary rugs are full of different colors and designs. These rugs look great in a room that needs a splash of color. If you are looking for a contemporary area rug, the possibilities are endless as there are many options to choose from.



Casual rugs either have a minimal pattern or no pattern at all. You can get a casual rug in any color you want that has a basic pattern. If you are looking to keep your room minimal and looking clean, a casual style rug may be the way to go